How To Become Enlightened – The Most Strong Number BS Method

Hello men, so as I stated within my past posts on religious enlightenment and mind, you’ll never know the reality of your existential nature until you feel spiritually enlightened or skilled some serious awakenings.
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Therefore I highly recommend you study these two posts first before that one in the event that you haven’t done so yet. These two articles will provide you with an improved comprehension of what to look for when you use the strategy that I will speak about in that article.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how well I discussed it to you and it does not subject how right your principle on religious enlightenment is, it’s not the facts and never may be.

Do you realize that that is the reason why you aren’t enlightened in the very first place?

I need to describe this for you in more detail.

You Can not Believe Your Way To Enlightenment

I’m likely to offer you a apparent strong process how to reach enlightenment, I’m going to do this without all of the deep spiritual and spiritual nonsense.

Also, the majority of the material on enlightenment is saturated in religious fluff which will be pointless and is really harming you as it is just filling your mind up with an increase of theory and information.

You see, the issue with idea generally speaking and almost anything you run into on Bing on enlightenment is that the majority of the available content is just more conceptualization and theory.

Philosophizing about the truth is you taking into consideration the truth and the problem listed here is that you can not believe your method to how to reach nirvana! Never actually ever ever.

Becoming conscious of your existential character requires something totally different than considering and the thing is that the only thing we as humans are good at is thinking.

You have been extensively using considering because the beginning and you’re consumed inside it, therefore much so you really thought up your really living, think of that for a second..

Here is a good example of what you’re against, imagine that you’re a hamster and the only thing you realize is operating on your own little hamster wheel and one day you hear concerning this domain named quantum mechanics.

You feel so enthusiastic about knowledge quantum technicians that you start working on your own hamster wheel much more, expecting to somehow understand it.

Certainly there is a constant will understand quantum aspects by running on the hamster wheel, regardless of how much you do it.

You’ll never experience enlightenment by thinking about it!

So slice the bullshit. Meaning stop doing endless study about it, end searching for scientific responses, and don’t also accept what I state about spiritual enlightenment as reality, properly unless you intend to throw away tens of thousands of hours attempting to become enlightened.

You’re caught in your mind/thinking matrix and I’m here only here slipping you an item of paper that claims, hey pal you are in the matrix so aftermath the fuck up!

Only remember that the report isn’t truth since it can also be in the matrix.

The thing is when you are caught in the matrix I have to somehow utilize the matrix to convince you that you’re in the matrix.

I am aware, it’s twisted.

So How Do I Become Enlightened?
The quickest and most primary method to reaching in enlightenment is using a mix of two different methods day-to-day, self-inquiry and concentration on today’s moment.

These two methods within my knowledge include minimal quantity of bullshit, they are really strong and to the point.

Should you choose take this seriously and do the task daily, you are certain to get enlightened within 2 to 4 years. It all depends in your sentence and how dedicated you are.

The objective of these techniques are the same, that is for you really to have an immediate experience of your correct character and that consciousness is all there is, it contains every thing, and you are it.


For this method you are likely to stay in a seat, in a meditative like posture.

In order to do self-inquiry successfully you will have to be psychologically alert. You are likely to have to be tremendous focused therefore always try this workout at the time you are most awake.

So don’t try this following dinner or right before sleep because it is going to be hard for the mind to focus.

You are going to try this self-inquiry workout for 30-60 minutes therefore I will suggest setting a timer in your stopwatch.

After your timer is defined you’re willing to begin.

You can certainly do that along with your eyes open or closed, it does not matter. Do whatever assists the mind emphasis better.

Things you need to accomplish is search deep inside your own consciousness/awareness and attempt to flag point in true time just what isyou. Just what is that feeling you are feeling and why does it produce you are feeling like it’s who you’re so concretely?

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